Jeeva Sathurayar , Channel Manager , NRMA

I will always have respect for Aldo Grech as one of the finest thinkers anywhere, and as an extraordinary product and marketing strategist. My highest regard however is reserved for Aldo Grech – the business leaders’ business leader. Aldo excels at the visionary front, taking what an entity is today and imaging what it can be, and subsequently developing a road map to deliver that vision. Importantly, Aldo has an innate ability to motivate teams, and galvanise people around a vision and mission. At NRMA Motoring and Services, I had the good fortune to be close to the action — taking a division such as NRMA Travel into the digital age requires more than a fine strategy, it requires clarity and conviction, and the courage to follow through and make decisions that have company-wide repercussions. I have no doubt that Aldo’s ground breaking actions at NRMA Travel are still influencing the company in a positive fashion. Aldo made the tough decisions that: eliminated wastage, brought about a results-driven culture with a sense of self-respect and achievement. In addition, he ensured that all products were available online – increasing customer satisfaction, revenue and profitability – – and that is why I will always respect Aldo. I also like the man — particularly as a leader that listened to me, and gave me sound advice that directly influenced the direction of my career.

Sharon Don, GM Products & Services, Personal Broadband

I had the pleasure of meeting Aldo in 2005 when he was assisting in the start up callGlobal, a VoIP call switching service provider.
Aldo has a strategic, creative, innovative, but commercially driven approach to the communications business.
He initially contacting me at PBA (iBurst) with the concept of utilising the iBurst wireless broadband modems to replace the Telco fixed line voice connection to reduce usage fees and be both cable and incumbant carrier free.
An effective visonary with multiple skills, including project management concept creation and communictions, Aldo is entrepreneurnial in his approach. His key strength of networking and turning concepts into differentiated and customer-ready products is evident in his work with his partners.

Michael De Santis, MD Strategic National Group

We engaged Touchstar largely on the basis of Aldo’s involvement with company. He oversaw and managed a difficult IT system implementation and roll out in a thoroughly professional, reliable manner.

Aldo is an outstanding communicator in addition to have a detailed understanding of his company’s products and services. He provided high level project management with senior managers and directors of our business. I would go far as to say the the challenges of the project would not have been do readily overcome without Aldo’s involvement.

He is a very competent and, highly skilled professional senior manager with an ability to galvanise his team to ensure they perform at the maximum level.

Laurie Edwards, CEO, MapData Sciences Pty Ltd

Aldo was the manager of the area at NRMA that utilised MapData Sciences mapping data products. He was a client of our company and always drove a hard but fair deal. He has the ability to negotiate substantial supplier – client agreements to the benefit of his employer in this case, but with the long term relationship with a business partner being an important component of the process.

David Gower, Project Manager CNET Italia, Il Mio Castello

Aldo has a visionary quality that helps him see how companies can work together to create more than they could ever accomplish on their own. In brining together my former employer CNET with the Italian publisher Il Mio Castillo he made it possible for myself and others to develop the translation of more online content than any previous CNET partnership. Aldo was also very helpful in aiding in my adjustment to working in the Italian work culture. In our discussions he provided me with guidance and advice that significantly promoted my personal career development. During the acquisition by Future Publishing, Aldo provided clear communication and transparency that is rare in such organizational changes. It was a pleasure working with Aldo and I would highly recommend him for any innovative organization.

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