Vote With Your Money

December 17, 2010 / Comments (0)

Greed has led us here… Where? To the Global Financial Meltdown and the culprits are not only the CEOs and Leaders that have led their organisations to this place, but all of us, driven by greed.

And this is the good news as we can do something about it. We are not helpless, lost in the arms of these wealthy individuals.

In most cases, our money, invested in shares of organisations we do not respect have enabled them to continue to thrive and grow, funding their flawed strategies that we would not accept as customers. So why are we subsidising them by investing our hard-earned money to give life to dysfunctional managers and their organisations? Greed, right.

But look where it all got us. Many of us have lost our money directly by the drastic revaluation of these organisations’ shares or by losing our jobs or those of our close family and friends.

Now that safe investments do not seem to exist anymore, I ask you all to take your money and invest it in those organisations you respect because you agree with their strategies, products and services so you fund the great organisations of the future. You are not only doing what is spiritually correct but you are safely investing your money in organisations of the future (should we all take this approach) and you should see significant growth of your monies as these organisations flourish.

So, vote with your money and invest in those organisations you respect, admire and love

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