The Greatness of Your Organisation Can Be Measured by the Number of Its Leaders

January 14, 2010 / Comments (0)

It doesn’t matter at what level in the organisation you are and what role you have. Leaders are not necessarily at the top of the hierarchy. We all can make a difference. Get in touch with your Essence and follow your purpose. Do this from your core. Do it because you know that what you are doing is right, rather than just because it is popular. Trust in that voice inside you that at times is at odds with your surroundings and achieve greatness for yourself, your organisation, and humanity. Otherwise, you can just focus on your next pay-rise, operate from your ego, and forever deprive yourself of the greatness within you and the real contributions you can make to yourself, your family, and society.

Every individual is a born Leader until this aspect of ourselves is beaten out of us in our early years to make us compliant human beings who fit the society we have created. This is not good enough anymore. While our Ego is a mechanism built like a wall around us for protection, it also holds us, prisoner. While Ego is to be celebrated, as it has brought us to where we are as successful individuals, our next stage of growth is to break down this wall and to instead operate from our Essence, our true selves that are intuitive, innovative, humane, nurturing, intelligent, and amazingly resourceful, and trust that our Ego will always be there like an attentive, watchful guardian. This is about great courageous Leadership. Many feel safer taking the less-risky Ego approach that has worked for them, and that is fine. Some, however, choose the Leadership path by following their Essence instead and produce seemingly unachievable outcomes that, deep down, they knew were possible.

If you are currently a CEO, there is no time like now to engage your Essence and lead your organisation to sustainable greatness. How?

As a Great Leader you know that whilst organisational structure is important and gives the organisation its Ego/Brand, however, it is what the individuals in those roles do that makes your organisation a GREAT organisation. Ensure that the role descriptions are just that and not somehow anchors and nooses around your employee’s necks, just in case they decide to operate slightly outside the square. Welcome their creativity. Engage them in discussions on subject matters that interest them to unleash the Leader in them, especially in these tough times. You might be surprised. They often have the answers!

When Sir Ernest Shackleton and his crew sat-out on their attempt to be the first to walk across the Antarctic continent and hit disaster, it was his affinity with his team, his trust in his team, their total empowerment of him as their Leader and their learnt and observed Leadership qualities that resulted in all 28 being returned safely home, even when for the purpose of survival, they had to break-down into smaller groups with no means of mutual communication. Sir Ernest Shackleton celebrated to lift spirits whenever one team member was down, he did not sleep in his own tent surrounded by attendees. Instead, he ensured he spent a night in each tent, getting to know and understand each and every individual and engaged them in intellectual discussions on subject-matters of interest to them.


Sir Ernest received applications from highly qualified individuals in the thousands from the above job ad! How many Leaders are you recruiting and developing in your organisation? And, to start with, ensure your staff is managed by those with Leadership qualities rather than merely tactful politicians that will eventually kill that Essence the native human endeavour in your team members. Personally review all the organisational processes and procedures and ensure that they promote this basic quality in your staff and that the compensation reflects this and rewards those that make your organisation GREAT.

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