The Future Is Uncertain

January 3, 2011 / Comments (0)

The cycle of change has sped-up to a degree where we now have catastrophic and microeconomic cycles, making the present unpredictable, let alone the future. This does not work well for traditional managers and traditional Marketing 101 plans.

5 – 10 year business plans are, at best a wish list and certainly not how the future will turn-out; and even if it did turn-out according to your plan, so much change would have transpired that you would have only managed to suffocate your organization, should you have managed it to the 5 year plan, as your nimble competitors would have sped past you at the speed of the unstoppable change we are experiencing.

So how is this good news?
Well, those that sped past you while you were anchoring your organization to its plan (the past), certainly have some answers.

Managers Manage, Leaders Lead. These 2 are not mutually exclusive. In fact, management is a role, while Leadership is an attitude, an approach. If as a manager you are not a Leader, you are probably short-changing your organization, your team and yourself.

Leadership, on the other hand, is not about limiting, white-knuckling, anchoring and holding tight to that plan. This only produces stress, depression and a paralyzed organization. Yes, Leaders have a 5 and maybe 10 year Vision for their organisation. However, true Leaders tap into their passion and purpose to find the creativity within them to inspire their teams towards a future that, in augmenting the organizational Vision, fulfils their team’s purpose and passion.

This sounds easy, simple and even simplistic. And whilst this concept is easy, the practice certainly is not. It works against convention (the past). Everything within us tells us it is unsafe, unchartered, unorthodox and even foolhardy. Why should I stick my neck out? Why not follow the beaten track? At least that way I can always blame the system and keep my job. This is, unfortunately, now, old thinking. No organization is safe from absolute failure as we have seen in the recent (and ongoing) Global Financial Crises. Your organization could be gone and so would the safety of your job unless you inspire your team to endorse Leadership by operating from their purpose.

Safe is not the same as pragmatic. Risk awareness is not the same as risk aversion.

So take a risk-aware and pragmatic approach towards restructuring your organizational DNA to have inbuilt change endorsement; another phrase for Leadership. This is achievable through a commitment to Leading by the example of authenticity, purposeful approach, encouragement, empowerment and absolute determination of eliminating lethargy and inertia.

Be a Leader and empower the Leadership in others so collectively you are able to develop a dynamic and sustainable organization. An organization that operates out of respect for the individual, the team, the community and the environment.

The time of lip-service of Environmental Friendliness and Employee EMpowerment is gone. True Leaders know this and those organizations that seem to be unstoppable even in these times are likely to have already endorsed these basic concepts and deployed them.

Your organizational greatest asset is your people and if your management team still sees them as a liability and an easy cost-cutting method, I feel your organization is going to face a challenging future indeed.

Read authors like Seth Godin and books like The Accidental CEO by Tom Voccola and you will see you are not alone in understanding that the future of your organization is written with different rules to those that got it here. And seeing that few organizations have been able to endorse, let alone deploy these concepts, you will be on of the first organizations to join the few that seem to be speeding towards a prosperous and abundant future for themselves, their teams and their investors.

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