Palpable Passion

February 4, 2011 / Comments (0)

I write what, how and as I feel and with little editing. I certainly do not avail myself of 3rd party editors. Many of you that have read my articles will absolutely agree with a nod of the head and an “Aha”!

I refuse to put the make-up on my writing.

This may be because at the young age of 7, I won an award for an article I did not write. My uncle, the headmaster wrote it for me! This was somehow meant to help me in my path in life; I guess the more awards bestowed on me, the more intelligent I appeared, or something. What it actually accomplished for that younger version of me, was shame that I was obviously considered unable to write my own article, and at that young sensitive age, I seriously, was not, nor should have been. Rather than empowerment, I was left with a lesser-then feeling as obviously the implication was that at that young vulnerable age I should already have been running a publishing empire all with editors, printing presses and brilliant marketers!

On the other hand, it may be because, I want to show-up for who I am, without make-up. And if there are those that will judge me because sometimes my grammar is long-winded or my spelling sometimes erratic; then probably they are not my target audience.

In my writing, I am sharing myself, and I wish this to be felt even more than read. My beloved siblings have often remarked, ” Aldo, your messages, passion and concepts are absolutely felt in your writing and here are some spelling corrections……”. I am grateful and obviously gladly go ahead and correct the spelling. However, what matters to me is their and other friends’ and readers’ feedback, that my messages and passion are palpable, and so I have achieved my objective.

I thank those that still persist in reading my musings and hope that you get something from them; if nothing else, the gift of Leadership through authenticity. I encourage you to respect your natural and innate passion and purpose and show-up for who you are. You only need around you those that respect you for who you are now, and can do without those that expect perfection from you, as this, at best is unreal and certainly not who I am now! Perfection is so seriously overrated anyway.

True abundance (even the financial kind) is mostly found in authenticity in whatever we do, while riches can be made from inauthenticity, but often that comes with many layers of despair and depression. Your choice!

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