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Essence or Evanescence

Once I wrote about “mid life crises being mid life creativity”. The hypothesis was that the many years of trying to fit-in into “normality” gets us to Depression (often disguised as “Mid Life Crises”, which in my opinion is the gap between who we were born to be and who we had become, that at a certain point in our life becomes unsustainable.

Today, I am saying that we have a choice and we do not need to wait a “Depression” episode. This in my opinion is also what defines Leaders. Leaders, consciously or subconsciously make a choice at some stage in their life, they decide to respect and endorse who they were born to be (which I call our Essence) and throw “normality” caution to the wind. So, the choice is not easy but it is simple. Choose your Essence or choose Evanescence; a guaranteed ticket to Depression or other health issues.

Oh, by the way, choosing our Essence is a guaranteed ticket to peace and meaningfulness in our lives.

Leadership is Synonymous with Self-Belief

Before we could walk, we had a few or many falls. All along we were encouraged and kept at it until voila, one day we could walk.

Why is that with learning to walk, our care-givers and others around us, seem to stop encouraging us to take-on apparently insurmountable activities. Rather then encourage, the mantra becomes, stay on the straight and narrow, follow the trodden path, and other anecdotes of this nature that ensure that doing anything out of the “ordinary” is greatly discouraged.

Yet, each and everyone of us is born for greatness (Leadership) until it is discouraged away from us by those that love us most! So, it follows that being a true Leader means significant levels of self-belief, even as we fall many times along the path to our greatness. Seeing those around us will use these metaphoric falls (fails) as pragmatic recommendations to give up “trying to walk”, the only thing to rely on is self-belief.

Some may even call it naivety, but tell that to Steve Jobs, Madonna, Richard Branson, just to mention a few. They all had their significant “falls” and kept going in the strength of their self-belief and achieved greatness through true Leadership.

Either way, it is your choice… ! But remember you were born for greatness.

Hard Work Makes You Rich, but not Necessarily Wealthy!

Rich can be measured in Dollars, Yen, Pounds, etc… But wealth has money only as a part of the whole. Wealth is about all the aspects of the human being that as well as money, include health, happiness, peacefulness, fulfillment, soul nourishing and overall well-being.

It is rather unfortunate that during the industrial revolution era, we have placed money as a God above all Gods and have created a world that from inception trains every human being, in the “developed” world, to forget about the roundedness of us human beings, and place a disproportionate value on winning and money, at all costs.

So, we have come to idolise hard work and categorise those, that in our limited views (brain-washed by the “developed” world view) don’t work hard in a grab-all bag called lazy losers! I refer you to my recent post here “Those who challenge orthodoxy… ”

Hard work might make us rich but the side-effects are far too significant and negative to ignore. These side-effects include but are not limited to, significant health issues, depression, shorter lives, unhappiness, suicide, dysfunctional behaviours, addictions, dysfunctional families and relationships and the list goes on…
A true Leader knows to ensure that they and their teams work smarter rather than harder focusing on work/life balance that allow the totality of the human spirit to be entertained rather than that which the industrial revolution has trained us to believe; that hard work is the only answer. Of course it is the answer if your whole life objective is to be subservient to a system that is only interested in taking your hard-earned dollars in taxes and mortgages.

Choose to be wealthy rather than rich. Your life is too precious to enslave to mere financial richness.

Followship doesn’t Leadership make!

Those that believe that Leadership is measured by its followship do not understand true Leadership. I recently saw this in an article “Everyone aspires to be a leader but what is the chief ingredient that makes a leader effective; the followers”

For me that is the definition of a Manager not a Leader. A true Leader understands that the catalyst to exponential individual and collective growth is to create Leaders that in turn make Great organisations. A Manager understands that in order to secure their employment and to stroke their EGO, their success is defined by the number of followers.

The former achieves organisational and individual sustainable growth, the latter might achieve short to medium-term success; which seems is all that the stock markets require! And, therein lies the quandary of the non-Leader…
Softer Leadership is Harder!

The hard shell of Ego has nothing to do with Leadership. It is in fact the antithesis; it is what blocks true Leadership. True Leadership emanates from our core essence and if one spends time in quiet meditation they will learn how truly soft our core is; that soft core is the catalyst of everything fun and sustainable. However, this is harder especially for men who have been taught from a young age to be tough, (take it on the chin, win at all costs, nobody remembers who came second and other anecdotes). This ensures we never show our true and unstoppable creative essence. And in any case, the world rewards tough! Really?

You need proof as to how hard it is? Check within and see what are you telling yourself right now.


A true Leader knows that the only worthwhile competition is that of improving our personal best (PB)! Competing with others is futile and derails us from our innate knowing, guided by our purpose. That’s how she became a Leader and that’s how she empowers others by making sure they are constantly looking at ways to improve on their PB. A collective of people (organisation) that are constantly improving their personal best are a formidable force of good to great and face no real external competition or threat.

Career or Job?

Leaders focus on their careers, which is about honoring who they are. Managers worry about their jobs including prostituting who they are to secure their jobs. The latter is hard work, the former is living at one with our essence; in peace! Your choice…
What is in it for you?

“What’s in it for me?” are the internal drivers of a Manager! “What’s in it for you?” are the thoughts, feelings, drivers and actions of a true Leader, who could, by all means be a Manager.


I had a great week learning about DEFLECTION, which is certainly not a Leader’s trait.

A Client of mine just hired a great iCEO, a Leader in my humble opinion. We have been exploring the challenges facing that organisation and assessing it’s immediate past “Leaders”.

We realised that, according to them, all the problems faced by the organisation were caused by externals, mainly suppliers. So, the organisational culture is now one of DEFLECTION. This is the most effective method of dis-empowering your team, teaching them to blame everything on externals ensuring nothing gets done and it’s “nobody’s fault”!

Obviously, the new Leader faces an uphill challenge to change this now deep-set organisational value. Is this a stretch too far… ? Stay tuned.

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