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For over 30 years, Aldo has been at the forefront with leading high-growth IT icons in multiple geographies. An award-winning leader, following a cancer-scare and having re-evaluated his life, he now spends most of his time giving, travelling around the world, speaking and writing about Essential Leadership – a journey from head to heart.

“I was depressed and hopeless person few years ago and I’m a much happier person with a sense of hope. Together (Aldo and I) saved my marriage, took my son away from drugs and as my wife said ״got back The Husband I fell in love with”. CFO

Leadership from the heart delivers sustainability in us beings and delivers tangible results to our organisations, those around us and planet Earth. Making our blue planet sustainable one Leader at a time.

Essential Leadership, “It is essential that Leadership emanates from our Essence.” Aldo Grech

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