Global Expansion

March 27, 2018 / Comments Off on Global Expansion

You are entering new markets and require assistance, recruiting, training, offices/warehouses, connections or know-how. Aldo has managed multiple companies in a number of geographies and is quite adept in cultural nuances, has many connections and understands the different challenges entering a new market.

He mainly specialises in Switzerland, US, Italy, Australia, New Zealand, China and Israel and operates directly or through established connections in these and other countries.

“Aldo has a visionary quality that helps him see how companies can work together to create more than they could ever accomplish on their own. In bringing together my former employer CNET with the Italian publisher Il Mio Castillo he made it possible for myself and others to develop the translation of more online content than any previous CNET partnership. Aldo was also very helpful in aiding in my adjustment to working in the Italian work culture. In our discussions he provided me with guidance and advice that significantly promoted my personal career development. During the acquisition by Future Publishing, Aldo provided clear communication and transparency that is rare in such organizational changes.” David Gower, cNET

Last modified: May 29, 2018

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