Did Scalextric Predict How We Would Be Getting Around in the Future?

January 17, 2013 / Comments (0)

As a child one of my favorite toys was my ever growing Scalextric. I begged, borrowed and exchanged my other toys with others that would prefer them to their Scalextric tracks, so that my small oval doughnut shaped track became a snaking trail of tracks that weaved its way through most of the rooms in my house to my mum’s chagrin and dismay!

Scalextric for those of you too young to remember them, were little electric slot cars that used a slot on a track so 2 kids could compete in a race to the death. My favorite car was a Porsche that I had tweaked with my secret formula of weight distribution and brushes to make it hug the track and go faster around corners!

So what (do you say), has this got to do with today’s (future) methods of getting around.

Well, I am sure you have heard of the EV (Electric Vehicle). I am passionate about cars and very interested in EV’s. I have followed the death and rebirth of the EV with much passion and interest. I believe it is the way of the future if we want to preserve our beautiful planet.

However, like you, I agree that there are 3 things that need to change to make an EV a true option:

Accessible cost of purchase
Green Electricity
Range (the ability to cover similar kilometers for a charge as a fossil-fuelled car is able to do on a tank full).
The first 2 points are merely a matter of economies of scale and customer choice (many countries already have a choice for residents to purchase non-fossil fuelled electricity).


In an EV, there is a motor that is propelled via batteries that then require charging, more-or-less every 120Kms. The absence of charging stations every 100 or so kilometers, makes it rather difficult.

Well, here is where Scalextric comes in. In Scalextric, the slot on the track achieves 2 things in one go. It helps guide the car on the track, which in the case of a car, the driver does and it also provides electricity to propel the motor that turns the wheels. And no, I am not proposing we cut a slot along all our roads. However, there are today very effective technologies readily available, prospected by Mr Nikola Tesla, way back around 1893, that provide a very effective solution. It is called “Wireless Power Transfer via Strongly Coupled Magnetic Resonances”. To put it simply, in this scenario, roads would be built with an embedded technology that transfers electricity to the car through electromagnetism that in turn powers the motor that turns the wheels. Just like that, no wires, no plugs, just endless supply of green electricity; wherever there is a road surface. And no, there is no risk of electrocution!

And if you do not believe it can be done or that it is in the far distant future, just look at this; http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3w8E34xvYis

So what is delaying the roll-out of such roads? Good question. The simple answer is the self interest of strong Petrochemical lobbyists!

The technology is here today. We all should be writing to our local politician, incessantly to invest in and support “Road based wireless EV charging”.

Be a leader in your community and speak-up for Green Transport.

In our definition, Leaders are those that create Leaders and Leadership starts with one owning the responsibility of taking a Lead in their own life! Whether you know it or not, you are a Leader! Leaders exist in all walks of life. They are mothers, CEOs, volunteers, spiritualists, care-givers, receptionists, and the list goes on. However not all these role players are Leaders.

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