Are You Normal?

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Normal fits within (and as a result limited by) human constructs. These are required in order to keep “harmony” but in themselves, they are limited and as a result inhibit our natural God-given talents and creativity.

The perennial question in business circles is, “are people born Leaders or can we be trained to be effective Leaders”? My view is that we are all born natural Leaders. However, before we get to understand, experience and explore and operate from our natural selves, Leadership is beaten-out of us by our parents, the education system and the community in order to put us on the “normal” train tracks of life that somebody defined as, “being trained to somehow believe that we exist to earn money so that we become upstanding citizens, paying taxes and mortgages and with some pocket-money to bring-up families and sometimes partake in a snippet of those things that really feed our souls, our natural passions and interests”.

And this definition also only fits the lucky ones, as in many cases, such is the normalization that we have no way of discerning what is our natural passion and purpose and what is that, that we have been brainwashed to believe about ourselves.

Natural is sustainable, normal is not!

Over the millennia we have created the idea and definition of success and have linked our happiness to this concept of success. But is this real success. Is success casting aside our natural God-given abilities to fit within the “normal” definition of success and be happy that we have successfully risen to the top of the hierarchy, earning enough money to own a nice home and/or with enough money in the bank to retire and with a few interests on the sides to distract us from the groan of normality and to ease the pain of conformity, often looking-down at those that have not achieved such heights of “success” and seem to live “lower” forms of life (possibly not realizing that in fact they are happier than us)? And if this is so, then why is it that research after research confirms that the more affluent we are, the more unhappy we have become?

Or are we able to break away from the tyranny of the propaganda on every medium that continues to affirm in our minds the “normal” concept of “success”, and instead get in touch with the natural Leader within each and every one of us and achieve success by allowing the natural energy that created us to take us to the heights of success that results from and feeds our natural instinct.

What is Leadership?

This is often where hours are spent discussing and defining what Leadership is. Dictionary.com defines it as; [lee-der] -noun 1. a person or thing that leads. 2. a guiding or directing head, as of an army, movement, or political group.

Others define a Leader as; 1. a person who has control or direction of an institution, business, etc., or of a part, division, or phase of it. 2. a person who manages. 3. a person who controls and manipulates resources and expenditures, as of a household.

Dictionary.com defines the above as a manager and I agree.

So what is the key difference here? A manager ensures that everything operates within the defined norm(al), whereas a Leader, in our opinion inspires followers and colleagues to be the best of who they are, Leading them collectively; him through his natural Element and them through theirs; to engage their natural passion and purpose to create “a game worth playing” (as my friend and writer Tim Voccola has craftily defined).

It is like the old TQM or Total Quality Management for those not aware of this acronym. As a Project Manager once defined it for me, “TQM is about ensuring that one always produces the same gadget”. In fact he went on to confirm that “if the organization had produced faulty gadgets in the past, this process would ensure that each gadget had the same exact fault”!

Makes sense. So then, the concept of continual improvement took hold. This intertwined with TQM was meant to ensure that quality was maintained and improved at the same time.

Now, I am not for a moment saying that we do not need systems, processes, roles and hierarchies; this is also a natural part of being. If we look at nature, we see a myriad of systems, processes and roles. However, there is also growth and change in nature. Each of these elements conspire to create the new (such as the human being has evolved from the other animal species). As a Leader, are you ensuring that within these roles, your people are motivated, engaged and enticed to give the best of who they are, being their natural Leader (allowing the natural evolution of them and your organisation to be guaranteed) or are you and your managers fearful that allowing them this scope, your team will surpass you, impacting your or your managers’ “earned” status of “success”.

This is indeed a challenging question that you need to ask yourself. Do so in the knowledge that what you feel you have achieved to-date will be eclipsed by new found “natural” Leadership.

I would like to promote the concept to you that creating a sustainable organization that lasts in time beyond you and your managers, should be your Leadership’s only mission; for you to operate from your natural instinct and creativity, your Element and by example ensuring that your managers and their teams are doing the same.

You will preside over an industry inspiring organisation and you would have done a lot for you, your family, your employees, your shareholders your community and the world.

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