A Sales Executive Without a CRM System Is Equivalent to a Writer Still Using Her Typewriter!

January 5, 2011 / Comments (0)

I have heard so many excuses as to why a sales executive does not utilize the Organisational CRM, and they range from the sublime to the ridiculous. Examples include; not as good as the one I used in my previous Organisation, I prefer my paper based system, I have my own and I’ll load it on the company PC, I find it slows me down having to enter all that superfluous data into the system, and many more!

Any team members that utilize these and other excuses should never be part of a progressive sales effort. Having said this, there are many reasons why sales executives might be utilizing these cover-ups and they may include; previous bad experiences suffered at the hands of inadequate managers or even at the hands of your managers, lack of induction training, non-enforcement of Organisational tools, in rare cases – a desire to keep knowledge away from the Organisation that employs them. You get my point, none that you wish to accept in your Leading Organisation.

Sometimes however, it is the non-integrated concept that proves to be the Achilles heel; that is, organizations with badly implemented CRM systems that are not integrated into the standard sales process, as an example still utilizing spreadsheets for reporting, systems that do not feed straight into order-raising/invoicing/forecasting, etc..

So, if you are a Leader of a progressive Organisation, ensure that you have followed the “paper” process confirm that there is only one process, utilized by all and that is designed around eliminating paper.

If you are a Sales Executive, engage your Organisational-supplied CRM (none of them are perfect and sometimes there are good reasons for the differences), speak-up and request training, changes, and enhancements. But do not do so unless you can clearly show that you have utilized the system as otherwise it will be clear that yours are just excuses and will not be taken seriously. You can always leave and join a dinosaur Organisation that allows you to operate without their approved CRM system; and you know what happened to the dinosaurs.

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