A New Definition

August 9, 2012 / Comments (0)

We need a new definition of humanity. One that is not based on historic structure that defines us by colour, sex, creed, geography, financial wealth, age and stature.

We are born naturally fluid with an ability to morph ourselves to an environment. Unfortunately the “normal” environment we have created is not natural at all and forces us onto a train track called age with milestones of what is expected as achievement at certain ages. So by age x we are meant to have started spelling and by age y we are meant to have started mathematical computations, at age z we get married, and so on… Those that do not comply, are somehow cast aside as lesser human beings as defined by academic “progress” or cultural limitations. Those that do are mostly on a treadmill of further expectations of “success” as defined by a third party and are white-knuckling it through in case they fall off this path into the abyss of “non-peak performance”. And this supposedly is progress!

Just writing that previous paragraph has made me feel stressed. Let alone living it!

This linear path of progression in our lives, is designed around the needs for banks to make money from interest and for governments to continue re-inventing new taxes that they mostly squander as proven in the last Global Financial Crises.

So, now that obviously money has no value as governments in cahoots with the reserve banks continue to print money to hand-over to those who quickly redirect it to their bank accounts and where in America, 20 individuals are worth more than half the population there, has the time come for the majority to redefine what human life is all about and what defines humanity?

This is rhetorical question intended to inspire us to feel our way into the future. I suppose there are as many answers as there are human beings on this planet and possibly all are worth exploring as currently, what we call civilisation is seriously uncivilised. As otherwise how could one explain the dogged “make money at all costs status” we live in including at the cost of destroying our own planet. And yes, we can blame the Leaders of the petroleum organisations, or the leaders of the failed banks, even the heads of state of the “developed” world failed states. However, as I suggested in a previous article, we vote with our money, and while we, the “normal” people in this world continue to purchase gas-guzzling vehicles and investing in companies that without any conscience continue to produce products we are not happy with, or with side-effects that we are not happy with, just as long as our bank-account continues to get fatter, then we should accept that we live in a civilisation of our choosing.

Change starts a voter at a time, an investor at a time, a customer purchase at a time. Choose wisely; that is, choose for the outcomes you desire, or be happy with what we have!

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